Jacob's Ladder.

Mixed media on canvas


120cm x 120cm : £1200

Fiji Time.

Mixed media on canvas


120cm x 120cm: £1200

Watercolour on paper.


40cm x 60cm  £690

The owl and the pussycat



"My painting arrived today (lilies, stargazers on the table), and I am absolutely delighted with it. I love that Joss's work always makes me smile because her sense of fun shines through. This particular painting is one I've always wanted for a while because every time I look at it I felt so much happiness.The vibrancy of the colours combined with the beautiful attention to detail on the lilies and the overall composition just make me incredibly joyful. Thanks again Joss!"
                                                                                                                                              - Angela Jenkins
'My favourite thing in the world" 
                        - Danii Williams
" I am a huge art lover and the one thing that grabs me with art is originality and boy do you have it in spades.... your work just seems to grow and grow and not once have I ever felt or seen sadness in any work you have produced. Your art is happy and warrm and colourful, all the things this world seems to be lacking in at the moment. Well done Joss, fly high and soar."
- Steve Scott



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Please feel free to contact Joss with any enquiries, filling out the enquiry box below, or email josscameronart@yahoo.co.uk

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